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Welcome to our blogspace!  A continued story of our semi-homesteading household journey. As, a friend stated to us, “If you don’t mind your story being told, then make sure YOU hold the pen!” We hope to help someone’s life -one candid story at a time. We love our chickens, koi and 4 rambunctious chihuahuas! We also love to garden, quilt and do stained glass. . .

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When gorgeous meets the 1950’s in a modern kindof way!!

Got pot fever?

Then build a great potting bench to get your planting on!!potting bench

Re-purposed doors and headboards can help you achieve your garden goals!

Estate sale addictions!


Just when you think, “Nah, that estate sale won’t have anything”, yet you still go anyway! And that’s just the time you find a cheap treasure or two! We found two window cornices -under 1o bucks! Immediately we said flip them upside down and make planter boxes! A new coat of paint and some legs, and VOILA!!!! Instantly, the garden gets a facelift!!!!!

Cheating on our Pyrex!!!!

Circus bowls

As much as we love our Pyrex -sometimes a little “swinger” action is necessary to keep things fresh and new in our Pyrex relational space! To say “blog coveting” these lovely Federal Glass Circus mixing bowls (from the 1940’s)  – for years, is an understatement! Finally found these lovelies to ad to our collection! Maybe we are no longer Pyrex-preservationists, BUT Pyrex-swingers??!!



Found these pretties in all there Chippy Glory!!!! We ended up painting them tho’ They were beautiful in found condition, but we figured a coat o’ paint would extend their durability. Now, we need a matching glider!!! Our Girls certainly thought the chair makeovers were something to squawk about!!sQUAW ABOUT

So, Brasilia happened . . .

Never in our wildest Mid-Century dreams did we think THIS would happen! So, we go to an Estate Sale on a Sunday (of all days right). And, there she was in all her Un-glory! A complete bedroom set of Brasilia . . .She needs some work -so, this will be a lengthy project, but isn’t that what life is?? At first, we thought we will show her when she’s all dressed and finished, but she’s beautiful still in her found state -it tells her story. However, if Cinderella is going to the ball -she’s going to need a new gown, SO -it’s gonna take a little while to get her gussied up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KenJi Coop

Well, here’s the exterior of our Coop -the Sun was shining ever so bright when this picture was taken, so the effect is really cool. Plus, it’s nice to reflect on how pretty that day was, as today it’s just to cold here in Tennessee to sit out in the garden. Maybe, this pic will warm your hearts as well. Although it seems blurry at first glance, it was actually from the dazzling sunlight playing on the lens of the camera . But, the imperfection makes the shot in time perfect 🙂bRIGHTLY

Frankensets Oh my!!!!


Not sure where the name for these type of sets came from -but, they really are fun to place together! The only thing much better than PYREX -is more PYREX!!! Each one of these bowls has many different stories to tell. Some pieces came from small towns, others came from local antique shops, (a good yardsale from time to time -when some unknowing Hubby didn’t know what he had and sold us the piece for pennies on the dollar) while others were obtained through fierce Ebay bid battles fi=or days and YES, shipping matters not in this household!

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